Filament PM PLA – Pearl Green 1kg


Our Filaments are manufactured by Plasty Mladeč that deals with the production of Plastic profiles and Filaments for 3D printing for FFF technology since 2013.

They are the manufacturers of the well-known brand name ”Filament PM”. 

Polylactic acid known as PLA is a thermoplastic, further classified as a polyester plastic. It is a biodegradable polymer that it is dimensionally stable so there is no need for a Heated bed to print with PLA.

It is the most popular filament for 3D printing. It works with lower temperatures than other materials and it is suitable for printing large objects.

Another benefit of using PLA is that it does not give off an evil smell during printing. It’s generally considered an odourless filament that is used for Home 3D printing.

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Non-harmful fumes, non-toxic and friendly for the environment!
High material strength, Low flexibility.
Best for Complex models.
Low shrinkage rate and no warping.
Printing temperature: 200ºC-220ºC
Printer bed temperature: 20ºC-60ºC (not necessary)
Soluble: NO

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer: Filament PM

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Weight: 1Kg

Additional information

Weight 1 kg