Daylight Precision Mould Blue


Precision Mould has been designed for creating high definition jewellery parts, especially for the Precision Printer. The printed parts will display a high tensile strength, high accuracy and detail for the use in the modern jewellery market. The parts printed with this resin withstand high temperatures (up to 180°C) and pressures required for vulcanizing. Parts printed with the Precision Mould resin are ideal for the use as pattern in high-resolution silicon rubber moulds. The printed parts will display a smooth surface and a good surface finish.

Key benefits include high tensile strength, high accuracy, no shape deformation at elevated temperatures, smooth surface, easy to use and finish.

ONLY for use with the Liquid Crystal Precision printer range

*Available in 1kg bottles with non-drip cap

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Ideal for the creation of high-resolution silicone rubber moulds, we have Mould resin. Parts can withstand the temperatures (up to 180°C) and pressure required for vulcanisation. Along with this the parts show great strength, smooth surfaces, and highly accurate prints.

  • Jewellery

Viscosity: 700 cPs

Hardness: 90 Shore D
(After Post-exposure)

Tensile Strength: 49 MPa
ASTM D638 (After Post-Exposure, 1h UV)

Elongation at break: 2%

Storage: 10<t>50ºC

Density: 1.1 g/cm3