Daylight Precision Hard White


Daylight Precision Hard White resin has been created to produce highly strong, precise parts on the LC Precision Printer range along with a clean white colour. The printed parts will exhibit exceptional tensile strength and elongation comparable to that of acrylic and polyimide. The rigid parts produced show minimal shrinkage possible along with great accuracy. The resin is water and soap washable, so no need for IPA and will provide a dry surface finish after post exposure.

*Available in 1kg bottles with non-drip cap

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Glass-like prints with a crisp finish are obtained when using Our Hard 3D Resin. Prints will retain their shape under stretch and compression whilst displaying a high stiffness and high hardness. When using Our Hard Resin you will 3D print objects that behave like commercial ABS.


  • Engineering parts
  • Consumer goods
  • Thermoforming models

Viscosity: 980 cPs

Hardness: 94 Shore D
ASTM D2240(After Post-exposure)

Tensile Strength: 80 MPa
ASTM D638(Postcured 120mins UV and 80°C heat )

Elongation at break: 5.6%

Storage: 10<t>50ºC

Density: 1.09 g/cm3