Daylight Precision Dental Castable Smokey Quartz


Precision Dental Castable is ideal for creating highly accurate castable items such as crowns, bridges and partial denture bases, anything that would previously have used the time-consuming waxing procedure to create. This product has been formulated to burn evenly at regularly increasing temperature stages to reduce gas pressure in the cast and provide almost no ash content. It will give almost no expansion upon heating.


ONLY compatible with the Liquid Crystal Precision


*Available in 1kg bottles with a non-drip cap.

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Easy to paint with smooth finish prints, are readily attainable using our Precision Model resin. Developed for producing highly detailed prints, low visibility of layer lines and with an ultimate dry touch and smooth finish allows users to easily paint any piece.

  • Partial Denture Base
  • Crowns
  • Small Bridges

Viscosity: 140 cPs

Hardness: 75 Shore D
(After Post-exposure)

Tensile Strength: 3.7 MPa
ASTM D638(After Post-Exposure)

Tensile Modulus: 628 MPa
ASTM D638(After Post-Exposure)

Elongation at break: 6.5%

Storage: 10<t>50ºC

Density: 1.09 g/cm3