Daylight Precision Cast Red


Precision Cast has been designed for creating high definition castable parts, especially for the Precision Printer. The printed parts will display a high accuracy and detail for the use in the modern jewellery market. This product has been formulated to burn evenly to reduce gas pressure in the cast and leave virtually no ash or residues (Please refer to our casting guidelines). The parts printed with this resin will have virtually no expansion. The cast parts will display a smooth surface and a good surface finish.

Key benefits include a reduced ash and residue content in burnout, no expansion when heated, highly accurate printed parts with a good smooth surface finish, highly accurate metal cast parts with a good surface finish.


ONLY for use on the Liquid Crystal Precision printer range


*Available in 1kg bottles with non-drip cap

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For creating highly accurate jewellery parts for investment casting, use our Cast resin. Printed parts display high accuracy and detail which shows in the smooth, crisp finish on the cast parts. Virtually no ash or residue, no expansion, and highly detailed parts can be obtained using Cast.

Don’t forget to refer to our casting guidelines for help in casting.

  • Jewellery

Viscosity: 510 cPs

Hardness: 75 Shore D
(After Post-exposure)

Tensile Strength: 19.5 MPa
ASTM D638 (After Post-Exposure, 1h UV)

Tensile Modulus: 1380 MPa

ASTM D638 (After Post-Exposure, 1h UV)

Elongation at break: 2-3%

Storage: 10<t>50ºC

Density: 1.2 g/cm3