Laser Cutting

For custom and one-off products, Laser Cutting is the best solution.(added on photo)
Laser Cutting is the best for cutting complex designs that cannot be cut by hand or any other machines.
Create curves, cut complex shapes, create logos, engrave on parts make unique keyrings.
You can expand your creativity by making flat sheets of materials into 3-Dimensional structures.

Now you can have your designs on point. Draw your design on a graphic software and we will do the rest.
You do not need to have access to any software or computer. Our professional designers can work with you and draw your idea.

  • We offer a variety of Laser Cutting materials that you can choose for your parts. All of the materials can be custom designed by our Laser Cutting machines.
  • See all of our materials here *maybe send them to product>materials

How Laser Cutter works: Inside of a Laser Cutting machine, a CO2 tube produce light that is reflected on mirrors and passing through a focus lens. This laser beam cuts lines in the chosen materials with a thickness up to 6mm. This manufacturing method will shape your product depending the laser cutting file that you uploaded on the website. Give it a try! You can cut, engrave and personalise your products.

Upload the vector files you’re used to.
We accept all major vector formats, including .svg, .ai,.pdf, .dxf

You can Laser Cut online by — steps.

  1. Fill the following form, having a small description how you want your parts to be made(Laser Cut, Engraved)
  2. Upload your file.Once you’ve uploaded your laser cutting design, we automatically understand your colour scheme, making it easy to get started – you just confirm or tweak our settings until everything is right.
  3. We send you the quote and if you accept it we will proceed to your order.