JellyBox 3D printer by Imade3d DIY kit Imade3d Cyprus

Get a hands-on 3D printing experience with our workshops in your School or University.

Teachers and students should work together as a team and get to build a 3D printer. Why? 3D printine Education is not only for Students but for Teachers too. Everyone deserves their own path to DIY Greatness.

  • You can come to our place and learn as a team of four how to Build your own 3D printer, JellyBox.
  • We can come to your School and teach to Students and Teachers how to work in teams to Build JellyBOX.

Choose whatever it fits to you, as experts we know how to adjust our Workshops to fit your needs.




Why JellyBOX?

  • There is no better way to learn 3D printing in depth than to build your own machine!Since the 3D printer kits on market didn’t satisfy our high demands on ease of build, use, and print quality, we created the JellyBox. It designed to be a learning experience.
  • A DIY 3D printer that you build it yourself, in just 2 – 8 hours, depending on experiences and version.
  • JellyBox is the unique – not only fast build, but design for REBUILDS 3D printer. Once you have it once, you can Un-Build it and let the students Re-Build it again
  • Transparent construction showcases both mechanics and electronics
  • A “work-horse” printer, cranking out print after print
  • Affordable to maintain and easy to fix.

Award Winning JellyBOX

JellyBOX has been awarded ‘’Best For Schools’’ in the Make Magazine’s 3D printer Guide for 2017! The 1st Year on the market and JellyBOX had already proclaimed 1st Best in the Educational Category and 10th Best 3D printer Overall.

But not only. JellyBOX won Four Editor’s Choice Awards.

Our philosophy and our JellyBOX printer got awarded four Editor’s Choice Ribbons at the National MakerFaire in DC,2016. Even before get JellyBox in the market.

Now you can understand Why!

We can come to your school!

  • Have teachers and students learn in their environment; the knowledge transfer will smile upon you.
  • Inspire the whole school.
  • Teachers and Students have the possibility to work in groups building 3D printers and enhance their connections.
  • ‘’Learning together’’ as a way of fostering a communal ‘’ making mindset’’ is proving especially effective for schools starting making and tinkering programs anew.
Contact us to discuss the best Build workshops for your organizations


  • We can build up to8 JellyBOX 3D Printers
  • Groupsof 2-4 teachers OR students OR a combination of the two
  • Tested: An Intensive One Day Workshop (8 hours)
  • Tested: a more Comprehensive Two-Day Workshop (2x 6 hours). We hold that two days are better for most schools – we can cover more ground, and the attention span holds better.
  • OR we can work together to set a timetable for workshops that will work better for school and for us.


Is my school a good fit?

JellyBox is in a lot of elementary, middle schools and colleges in USA. If you are still reading this, rest assured, your schools is a good fit. Talk to us!


3D printing to your local Library or University Library

An Amazing offer!

A whole new world of possibilities for Libraries

More than a decade now, education has been changing dramatically moving from teaching to learning. Digital world and new technologies are changing the way that people learn.

3D printers play a major role in the education these days, with schools and universities adopt this technology revolution and educate their students more and more about 3d Printing. Libraries are adapt to these changes as the communities that the serve are changing, their needs and expectations are changing.

More than 800 3D printers are used in Libraries worldwide.


  • Most of the Libraries are providing eBooks, maker-spaces, and centres of learning, so there is a need for new strategies to involve 3D printing in Libraries and Library systems. 3D printing is an opportunity for Libraries to reach a wider and more diverse audience with meaningful ways.
  • Hands-on learning experiences for communities and 3d printers are the most important things to this new format.
  • It is an inspiring opportunity opportunity for administrators as well as operational challengers.

More to come:

  • More attention: 3D printers attract a lot of attention. Not only for young people but also for traditional library patrons.
  • Shared with the public: When people see 3D printers in Libraries, they begin to develop understanding of their potential and it sparks new ideas.
  • Promotion of Library: The best way to draw attention is to develop a 3D printing centre into the library community.
  • Wider audience-all ages: 3D printing is for everyone- from school children to senior citizens. It is used by architects, builders, scientists, engineers, artists, students, teachers, families.

What a library will need?

A few important things to be considered for a start.

3D printers: For a start a library wants an efficient, easy to use and cost-effective 3D printer. Printers that not require extremes skills to work with. High-quality, open-source 3D printer as our, JellyBox that is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to fix, is the best solution.

Materials: There are some materials that are necessary for 3D printers. Materials that are safe to use in public, clean and easy to use. For Desktop FDM 3D printers, thermoplastic composites as PLA, TPE and PETG filaments are perfect to have.

Pre-designed objects to print: Users have three way to get an object for 3D printing. (1) Download a model from the many free or paid internet websites, (2) design an object using a CAD software free or paid, e.g. TinkerCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk FUSION 360, Solidworks, Rhino, Blender, etc. (3) Use a 3D scanner and scan an object into a 3D form that is ready to print.

We can help you Develop

IMADE3D has the expertise to build a 3D printing workshop to your Library. We can identify your requirements, present the options, and help you build the perfect maker-space for the community, schools and Universities. We can help you select the right set up, whether you will put a single 3D printer or build a maker-space.

Contact us and discover the great opportunities of 3D printing to you Library.

  • STEAM matters for their individual future evolution and this can happen through the 3D printing. Widen the mind
  • Because 3D printers allow STEM students to make their ideas tangible, they benefit from a new level of engagement and applied learning. Instead of looking at ideas in two dimensions, students can look at all angles of their design to determine what works and what doesn’t. With 3D printers now established in many top engineering colleges, students are able to create, build and learn from their mistakes in a faster, more revolutionized way.
  • The ability to see virtually any design in 3D creates endless possibilities in the classroom. Not only are students learning concepts from a book, but also bringing these ideas to life by visualizing them in 3D. One such example: Medical students can study human ear diagrams in a textbook, and then examine a life-size replica in their own hands for a more hands-on perspective.
  • Our industry needs more adaptive problem solvers who can quickly identify a problem and then design new, innovative solutions for it. By using a 3D printer in the classroom, students can quickly sharpen these necessary problem-solving skills, evaluate their product and identify failure points. This printing technology has been known as “rapid prototyping” because it cuts the amount of time between design and prototype to days, sometimes even hours, depending on the project. Reinforcing this technology is critical in preparing our students for STEM careers.
  • STEAM are creative
    • 3D printing can inspire curiosity in STEAM subjects by giving students the chance to understand complex concepts and test theories. This can later encourage students to experience and explore a career in science, technology, engineering, art, maths.
    • STEAM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths