Innovators are often frustrated by the effort to develop an innovative idea.

IMADE3D Cyprus is a company that specializes in Engineering design, 3D Printing and 3D Modelling which are the main factors for innovation in conjunction with Research & Development process of a product.

There is the need for even faster innovation cycles which are best achieved using fast prototyping (3D Printing), market tests and rapid iterations delivering a product that meets customer’s needs.

For this reason, we are investing in 3D Printing by building our own 3D printer, to extend in depth our understanding for prototyping, in order to help businesses achieve better results but also reducing their costs and time.

With 3D Printing, businesses can lessen machine use, labor, material costs and can provide a solid perspective on how the product will actually look like.

We ensure that the innovative ideas will get from the prototype phase to the production phase. Our target is growth and profitability, we encourage our customers to develop their ideas by overcoming their challenges.

With the help of our professional Engineers, innovators can make their ideas into a reality. We deliver high end solutions following and investing in the processes including research, design, prototyping, testing, final design and manufacturing.

Product Development Process

  1. Starts with an idea for a product
  2. The Engineer creates the first draft designs (CAD software)
  3. If the designs are acceptable then a prototype is made with a 3D Printer
  4. Testing is executed (to examine the functionality of the product)
  5. Redesign (if there are any flaws)
  6. After finishing the testing phase the product designer will modify design if necessary
  7. A specialist in 3D Printing will print again a prototype or a batch of prototypes with the best resolution and durable materials
  8. Final step, the individual or company will produce product in bulk