Marketing and Sales Officer

IMADE3D (Cyprus) Ltd is a 3D printing Company that provides 3D printing Sales, Services and Training in Cyprus and Europe. We are seeking an experienced, creative sales employee that can adapt to new methods of selling and can provide the leadership & strategic direction of the company’s marketing plans.

 Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide short-term and long-term plans how IMADE3D can grow the business in Cyprus and Europe.
  • Build brand awareness through various media outlets
  • Plan sales and advertising campaigns
  • Identify potential clients and create the right proposals for each client
  • Pitches clients and customers to decide, buy and use the company’s products
  • Work within various multimedia outlets to promote a product
  • Design and oversee ad layouts
  • Decide which media format (print, television, radio, web) best suits the assignment
  • Present projects to clients and work with them to strategize and improve the material according to their needs
  • Keep track of and balance budgets
  • Establish beneficial pricing strategies
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Responds to customer/client inquiries, suggestions, complaints and other details, by phone, online video conferences and email

Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration or related field; MBA preferred
  • Previous experience in sales, marketing, advertising and brand management (preferably with 3D printers and robotics)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge of current and relevant markets
  • Proficient in analytics and market testing
  • Willingness to try innovative marketing strategies
  • Excellent time management, able to balance many projects at once
  • Customer focused approach and ability to learn and adapt to needs and changes quickly
  • Languages: Greek, English.  Knowledge of Russian language will be considered as an advantage
  • Willingness to become familiar with the 3D printing industry and its education.  Any previous experience of working with technology or engineering brands will be considered as an advantage
  • The appetite for working and learning is a must for a start-up company

If you are interested in the above position please send your CV to the following email address hr@imade3d.com.cy by 10/02/2019.