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  • 3D Printing

Bring us the model, we will do the rest. At our 3D Printing room, you can find the best quality 3D printers to print your designs. The team will guide you from the design point of view to make sure that the design is printable.
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  • 3D modelling

From the idea to a prototype and from prototype to a final product. If you have an idea and need an Engineer to design your prototype, we will help you get from the simple drawing to a finished 3D cad file that is ready to print. We can help you save time and money.
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  • 3D Scanning

You want an object to last forever?
Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever but now you can scan it and print it again. We can 3D scan object and digitize it. We are able to give you a finished 3D file or we can deliver you the final 3D print.
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  • Maintenance & Service

We have certified technicians that can fix, service and resolve the most challenging issues with your 3D printing technology. We offer re-design of extruders if it is possible and even making a non-working 3D printer to work again.
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As we are the Designers of JellyBOX that is specifically for education, we know that to learn you have to get involved. We created courses for every area of education and are based on STEAM. You can build a printer in 1 day.
  • Engineering
  • Industrial
  • Jewellery Production
  • Digital Art & Entertainment
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Imade3D Cyprus provides a wide range of services that are used in the business and education sector as well.

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